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Top-Notch Experience: Funeral and Cremation Planning in Lock Haven, PA

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Maxwell Funeral Home has continued to offer support in laying the deceased to rest since 1994. Please be assured that you and your family can call us 24/7 with confidence knowing that someone will answer your call and, with compassion and understanding, be available to help. Contact us at 570-923-0228 or visit us at 205 5th St, Renovo, PA 17764.

It can be challenging to say your final goodbyes, but holding a funeral or memorial service can be one of the most critical steps in finding closure in your grief. When you are losing a family member, it is essential that you have access to compassionate care from a funeral director you can trust. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our team so you can learn more about available funeral and cremation services in Lock Haven, PA.

When you begin funeral planning, not only are you working through the loss, but you are also facing challenging decisions about final services. We can help you manage the emotions, access grief resources, and compare available funeral packages. Throughout this process, we offer support for laying the deceased to rest, as well as the help that family needs at all times. 

Exploring Your Options: Cremation and Funerals in Lock Haven, PA


When you begin planning funeral services, the most effective solution is to learn about your options. You need to understand the industry before finalizing the specific services your loved ones will need. Together, we can compare available funeral packages, explain services that match your preferences, then finalize the details to create an event you will always remember. 

Here are some of the services we might discuss during your consultation: 

  • Burial or Cremation: One of the most important decisions you will make is where your loved one will be laid to rest. Do you have a family plot in the local cemetery where you want the casket to be placed? We can coordinate these details for the burial and graveside services. Or, if cremation is a better fit for your family traditions, then we’ll assist in the selection of the right urn and placement of the ashes.

  • Size of the Gathering: Some people want to skip the formalities of traditional funeral services. Instead, they want to hold a massive celebration of life. This gathering has more of a celebratory feeling, with stories, music, and activities that honor the deceased. The size of the group is your choice. Our team is experienced in helping with everything from an intimate meeting with the immediate family to a party-like event with hundreds or thousands of people in attendance.

  • Honoring Life: It’s important to consider how you are celebrating the person’s life. For example, it’s common for families to choose keepsakes or unique items that will help them hold onto the memories in the future. Also, consider how the final resting place will be marked with a custom headstone.

  • Administrative Details: Other decisions need to be addressed for the logistic details of the event. Our team takes care of these administrative details, such as transportation for the family from the funeral to the graveside service. We can also assist with death certificate paperwork, finalized documents for insurance, and more. Our goal is to reduce your stress so you can focus on your loved ones and the event.

You can find plenty of information online about funeral planning. But many families prefer to talk to a funeral director instead of searching through endless pages of digital information. This personalized conversation is directed at your preferences and family traditions. We offer a listening ear to learn about your requests, then finalize the event based on your needs. 

How Much to Spend on End of Life Services?

What is the amount of money you should budget for funeral services? You can’t put a price tag on the healing and closure that happens through quality funeral and cremation events in Lock Haven, PA. While it’s important to be mindful of your budget, don’t make the mistake of cutting out services that you want included in the funeral package.

You only have one chance to honor your loved one. This is a time when you need to focus on quality to give attendees an event to remember.

We help families with cost considerations by providing transparency in the planning process. Our clear pricing will show you the expenses for specific funeral services. Then, you can pick the services and funeral packages that meet your budgetary requirements.

Schedule a Consultation with a Funeral Director

Regardless of your timeline in the future, it’s smart to begin planning a funeral without delay. Even people who are in great health benefit from preplanning services. You can talk to a funeral director to learn more about available options. Our goal is to educate you about the services and industry. Then, you will feel empowered to select the services that are the best fit for your loved ones.

To learn more about funeral and cremation care in Lock Haven, PA, simple reach out to book an appointment. We’ll answer your questions and guide the most important decisions relating to end of life care.

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What is talk of a lifetime?

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What to do when death occurs?

There is so much we can help you with so do not delay calling. We will ask if the deceased had made any pre-arrangements and whether you would like for him/her to be embalmed. We will also arrange for the transfer of your loved one is remains into our care. Learn More.

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