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Please read the information below to help protect yourself.

We have recently become aware of a nationwide scam targeting families that have experienced the loss of a loved one. This has happened in Pennsylvania too.

In this scam, individuals pretending to be representatives of a funeral home contact the deceased’s family and may request, or even demand, some form of payment before services can proceed, or may request personal information about the decedent.

If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be a funeral home employee who is attempting to gather financial and/or personal information, please consider the following:

Refuse payment and NEVER disclose credit/debit card numbers, banking information, social security numbers or a date of birth.

Let them know that you will follow-up directly with the funeral home, end the call, and then call the funeral home using a number you know to be legitimate.

Feel free to end the call without explanation if it appears suspicious or to be a scam.

We regret that we must make you aware of such a scam, but feel that by sharing this issue, you will be more prepared should you be contacted.

Ernie Heffner

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