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$5,995 Liberty Funeral PackageSM

Includes choice of 4 beautiful caskets  -  Click “Pricing” tab above for details. Shop and compare.

A fine funeral need not be costly.

At Maxwell Helt Cremation & Funeral Care, we want to make arrangements simple for you. We offer a large variety of products to meet your needs and we'll be happy to go over them with you and answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Call us at (570) 923-0228 if you would like to review any of our products or services or tour our facility.

Burial Caskets
In addition to the beautiful caskets included in our $5995 Liberty Funeral Package, we also offer Batesville Caskets at manufacturer's stated wholesale. Batesville is the largest casket brand in America.  Click "Services & Pricing" tab above and then click "Caskets for Burial" for selections and pricing. 

Burial Vaults

This is a common requirement by cemeteries to protect the casket and ensure proper grounds maintenance. Click "Services & Pricing" tab above and then click "Burial Vaults for Caskets" to review options and prices. 

To accommodate the growing number of families who opt for cremation, our urn collection includes biodegradable urns for scattering as well as traditional urns made of marble, wood, bronze, or ceramic. Styles range from understated and classic to ornate and decorative. Click "Services & Pricing" tab above and then click "Cremation Urns" for selections and pricing.

Urn Vaults
Similar to a burial vault, if you plan to bury the urn many cemeteries require a vault in order to protect the urn and the surrounding earth. Click "Services & Pricing" tab above and then click "Burial Vaults for Cremation Urns" to review options and prices. 

Cremation Caskets
For those who choose cremation with a traditional funeral service, we offer cremation caskets built specifically for cremation. However, you do NOT need to purchase a cremation casket. Click "Services & Pricing" tab above and then click "Cremation NO Casket" to see your option.

We work with local florists to offer a beautiful selection of flowers for the funeral, visitation, memorial or graveside service. Flowers can be self standing or arranged specifically for a casket or urn. Select flowers for a current service.

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