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If you're interested in cremation, with us you'll have

NO doubts, NO middlemen and NO transfers to third parties.

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18 Reasons Families Choose Us for Cremation

1.  UNLIKE MOST FUNERAL HOMES, we personally handle everything and that’s why we know whose ashes are in the urn. From the transfer into our care to the pre-cremation preparation, the actual cremation itself, the retrieval and processing of the cremated remains and returning the ashes to you, your loved one never leaves our care.


2.  All ASHES RETURNED: We return 100% of the recoverable human cremated remains.


3.  INDIVIDUAL CREMATION: All cremations are performed individually for our client families.


4.  GOOGLE TOUR AND INSPECTION: Inspect our crematory anytime or, at your convenience, take a Google Tour at


5.  EXPERIENCE: As of 2023, we have performed over 9000 cremations.


6.  SECURE CUSTODY: We do not relinquish custody of your loved one to any outside party, jobber or middleman. Your loved one is safe in our care.  


7.  YOUR PEACE OF MIND: Our focus is on serving the needs of our client families and so we do not do contract work for any other funeral home. You'll find a list of our family owned locations at  


8.  CERTIFICATIONS:  All of our licensed funeral directors are also Certified Crematory Operators. 


9.  METICULOUS FACILITIES:  Our crematory is clean, modern and meticulously maintained.  


10.  OUR PRICES:  According to written surveys, 99.5% of our client families rate our prices to be excellent, good or fair in relation to professional services rendered.


11.   CHOICES AND OPTIONS: No other firm offers more cremation choices and options than we do.


12.   OUR COMMITMENT:  All our associates have signed our cremation code of ethics providing an unmatched level of dignity and peace of mind for our clients. You can download a copy of our Heffner Cremation Code of Ethics at  


13.   POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION: For this last good-bye and positive identification before cremation, your loved one will be reposed in a beautiful sleigh bed. NO embalming required.


14.   VIEWING - NO NEED TO BUY A CASKET:  There is no additional charge to use our reposing bed; whether for a private family last good-bye, a public viewing or a ceremony at any of our family owned locations. Of course you may add the purchase of a casket if you wish.  


15.   WITNESSING: For some faiths, it is customary to witness the placement of the deceased into the crematory and to start the cremation. Our clients may elect to witness and with no additional charge.  


16.  OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT:  Our firm is family owned and is managed by John Katora, E.V.P. and Ernie Heffner, President.  Ernie's late father, Jim Heffner, was a mentor to both.  He instilled values that continue today through a team of the very best, compassionate and caring staff in the profession. 

    All Heffner associates understand that when someone loses a loved one, it's the worst day of the survivor's life. Read more about our backgrounds and our associates at We are here to help by offering non-judgmental service with flexibility and sensitivity.


17.   OUR PROMISE:  Our staff is courteous and sympathetic, our facilities comfortable and spotless, our services handled with warmth, dignity and respect.


18.  EXCLUSIVE WRITTEN GUARANTEE: If there is any item of the funeral home's professional services or facilities that you are not completely satisfied with, there is no charge for that item of service. We take the risk out of selecting a provider.


 These are 18 Reasons why families choose us for cremation and why families we serve can place full confidence in us. 

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